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The War of 1812 and the Mexican War and the Korean War

Posted by mandisolomon on November 25th, 2008

After the war of 1812 there seemed to be a very large econmonic boom which had never been seen after the Rev War. Monroe had the veterans paid pensions no matter if they had an injury of if they did not. He also included “peace time” veterans in this decision. These pensions were only possible due to the fact the United States was in an econmonic boom. People were more willing to part with their money. Also a factor was that enlisted men did not live as long as officers and therefore would not have to be paid as much as officers in pensions. Also wanted was a pension for those who still lived from the Revolutionary War. But many felt that every citizen was part of the Revolution in an equal way. But the government passed the pension plan for the War of 1812 veterans and the Rev War veterans. The bill was passed in 1818 and then the ecomony crashed in the panic of 1819. But the United States always got back on their feet and the pension plan was finally put in place so that no matter what veterans would have money. But was it a good thing to make a pension plan in a time when you couldn’t just click a button and find someones information? Because so many Americans took advangate to the pension plan evn through they had never seen war.

Who should recieve pensions? Well very few were allowed pensions after the Revoluntionary War. One was Baron von Steubon who was an officer who was not doing well after the war. But Von Steubon had said before the war that he was working for free and that he excepted no money from this. In the end Von Steubon was given a large amount of money for life. But Von Steubon was an execption to the rules for Revoluntary War veterans and their pensions. Even Paine (the author of common sense) was not given money for the war.

The Korean War was the forgotten war and i believe that the wages of war was not right in the way it described this war. It did not go with the ideas i had heard of before.