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The Women Veterans

Posted by mandisolomon on November 20th, 2008

Frances Liberty was the a nurse during the Second World War because she had just finished nursing school and the army needed nurses very badly.  As soon as she joined the war she was made a second lieutenant. In the beginning of the war the women nurse were not looked at with much favor but later on in the war people started to see the good the nurses were doing and therefore there was respect for them. She was send by ship to go help the boys and in a lot of ways she was treated like one of the boys.

Regina H. Schiffman entered the Army Nurse Corps in 1949. She was part of the officers training and there uniforms included pinks and greens. She was in the Army Nurse Corps in both the Korean War and the Vietnam War. She left the service in 1970. During Korea she was stationed in Penn and was send the war wounded there. Then six months later she ended up in Korea, i can’t imagine going to a Korea like that and seeing the wounded right off the fields. She did not go to Vietnam. Instead she was teaching nurses for army. She never understood why she was treated so well while her counterparts in Vietnam were treated so badly.

Mrs. Prescott was in the Army Nurse Corps during the Vietnam War. She was inside the United States during this war and therefore did not she the war the way the last two women saw the war. Mrs. Prescott came from a military tradition which was a big reason why she went into the Army. The army paid for nursing school so this first years of her service was spend in nursing school. She worked in the operating room in Texas when the war wounded were sent over from Vietnam.