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War the American Way

Posted by mandisolomon on November 13th, 2008

The reading starts off with telling the reader why the United States was so different after the Second World War when it came to fighting wars. The United States declared themselves the world police force in fighting for the “free world.” There arose problems with this kind of thinking because it meant that the government send the United States to war when the countries citizens were not always for the war. This means that the country went to war “divided, unperpared, and unable to avoid an initial series of defeats.” The first big war to come after the Second World War was Korea. It looked like there would be a victory but then China joined the war. The war ended in a truce because there was little else that could be done except also fight China. A new way to war also was started in Korea, bring back the war dead. Those that fought in Korea and were killed were brought back. The public did not question this decision because it seemed like the right thing to do. But when the dead soldiers returned, there gravestones did not say that they fought in the Korea War because it was never declared a war but instead was described as a police action. And to try to get the support of the “police action” the government always made connections back to the Second World War because that was the grand war that the American people were proud of. But the government did not give a memorial to these Korean War veterans and fallen heroes but instead the Korean government was the first to have memorials put up for the men who had fought for South Korea. In fact the American government did not decide to build a memorial for these men until the Vietnam memorial was going to be built. This just goes to show that men who fought are not always thanked the way they should be.