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Born on the Fourth of July 2

Posted by mandisolomon on November 6th, 2008

In the second part of the reading Ron is moving into the a marine way of life. This is what he has wanted his whole life and he thinks nothing can get in the way of this prefect dream. What he finds is the hardest train of this life and he feels like giving up many times but for some reason he continues on and gives it his all because this has always been his dream. This drive to be a marine is something that seems to be a common theme in his life. He ha so much drive to do everything from sports to his faith. He has this faith that seems to be getting him though this training and this war. It’s so much stronger then any of the other authors we have read from in the past books. Something that is the same from the other books is the treatment in the training camps. The book with the same theme to a t is Doing Battle. Paul is also made to feel like nothing but dirt. Ron is called a lady and made to feel like dirt everyday and i think that stayed with him throughout the war.