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The Greatest Generation Comes Home

Posted by mandisolomon on October 23rd, 2008

These source really shows all the facts that surrounded the veterans when they came home from war. One of the big issues covered in the book was the mental health of the soldier. It became apparent that these soldiers were not crazy but in fact had seen so much death that it had effected these men. There was a lot more help for those with metal health problems following this war then any other war in american history. But for this help to happened the VA (Veterans Administration) had to find nurses and doctors to take care of the men who were returning. By 1942 the VA had enough nurses but not nearly enough doctors to fill all the needs of the veterans. When the war ended the doctors and nurses were send home the same time as the soldiers and the problem with this is that there wasn’t enough doctors to start with and now the doctors they did have were being set home when soldiers were still overseas. Not only were there still american soldiers overseas but they had to deal with those citizens of the war torn nations in europe and asia. These problems were also don’t helped by the fact that many of the doctors were extremely old and therefore were not as able bodied for the job that was put in front of them. So the book talks about how the VA went out looking for the younger doctors and to get them the put forth a way for them to research new medicines. I find this a wonderful idea because the soldiers need the new research and the doctors wanted the money so they could do the research. Another issue brought up is the issue of jobs. There were a lot of new jobs in the 1940s but where did the returning veterans fit into those?