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Doughboys 2

Posted by mandisolomon on October 2nd, 2008

Before i go into the reading i just want to take a moment to talk about the pictures in the middle of the book. They are pretty powerful. They really show what life was like for these soldiers. And it wasn’t always so pretty which is something important to show.

Anyway, The beginning of the reading talks about how the soldiers came home. These soldiers were overseas which was different from the wars in early American history. This was therefore would cause problems for the returning soldiers. Would there be enough jobs when they finally came home? To many soldiers being thrown back into a population can cause mass problems. Another problem was that the army was trying to make sure that the American job market was not overrun so they kept men on the service passed the war when all the men wanted to do is go home. These men still left in Europe had to clean up the mess that was left as well as wait in camps that were infested with disease, mostly the flu. In these camps men were died in mass numbers, these men who had survived a war were now dying instead of go home to the families that were waiting for them at home. It saddens me to think that the American Army was causing so many death after the war because it couldn’t get all of there men home at once.

2 Responses to “Doughboys 2”

  1. bhupp Says:

    I also hate that these men were killed by disease and not by bullets. It was almost like the American government was killings its own men by keeping them in the camps, that was filled full of disease.The government should of thought up a better plan for returning the soliders.

  2. jthornto Says:

    I totally agreew with you about getting the soldiers home. There were so many unnecessary deaths due to disese, that could have been prevented. It was just not right.